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Serenity Silk Press 101

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Our number one requested style is our faammouuus silk press. Nakia teaches this silk press in classes around the world and our South Florida residents absolutely love how their hair feels and looks afterward. In this blog post we're going to answer some of the top questions we receive about this service.

Serenity Silk Press

Q: What does your silk press service include?

All of our services are booked a la carte on this page. However, to get the looks from the gallery, the Silk Press Service will include the following steps:

We begin by doing a consultation with you (new clients) to discuss your hair goals and your weekly or daily hair regimens during your scheduled appointment. After the consultation, we go in and thoroughly cleanse the hair removing all dirt, oils, glues, or product from the hair. Generally we follow this with a moisturizing shampoo or a volumizing shampoo depending on the texture of the hair. You'll then be conditioned and detangled. We follow this with our moisture and protein treatments under the hair steamer.

We will rinse with cool water to close the cuticle then towel blot dry and part into sections. We blow dry hair in small sections using a comb and nozzle concentrator to thoroughly dry and stretch the hair. This step ensures that the silk press is to perfection. At this stage we will trim the hair as needed then follow with the silkening process.

Voila! A complete Serenity Silk Press

Q: What is the cost for the silk press?

The complete Serenity Silk Press as described above (and pictured in the gallery) is $162. This includes shampoo, conditioning treatments, trim and silk press styling. Final price is determined based on length and thickness of the hair. Feel free to schedule your appointment on our booking site.

Q: Are the treatments optional?

For first time clients, treatments are not optional. Our number one goal is healthy hair. Since most natural clients come to us after months or even years of damage, protective styles or mis-management, we would like to take the time to educate you on proper management and provide quality service that's going to maintain the health of your hair long-term.

Q: I don't want a hair cut. I don't want to lose length. Do I have to get the trim?

We recommend clients trim their ends at least every 8-10 weeks depending on hair growth. Trimming your ends is absolutely imperative for healthy hair growth. We do not cut anything more than the split ends or damaged fringe areas. By removing dead hair and split ends, you reduce breakage. See photos below for examples.

Q: Do you use any chemicals or Keratin for the silk press?

The Serenity Silk Press does not use chemicals whatsoever. This is not a chemical service. We do not use Keratin or the Dominican Blowout system. All of these looks are achieved using salon-exclusive products and our silk press techniques.

Q: What products do you use?

We use salon-exclusive products at Serenity Hair and Spa. Some retail products are available for purchase in the salon. We always recommend you to purchase retail to maintain your hairstyle and health in between visits.

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