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COVID-19 Home Care Packages

Good Day Kings and Queens! We are here to help each of you through the COVID-19 restrictions that you now have to confide within your home! While you are there, we want to ensure that your hair is in its best condition until we can meet again!

We have a few package deals we have put together for our valued clients!

Home Care Package Deals:

3 Items for $45

4 Items for $60

5 Items for $75

6 Items for $80

7 Items for $105

8 Items for $120

9 Items for $135

We are here to customize these packages based on your hair care needs. If your hair is relaxed, color treated or natural; we have products to satisfy every need.

Check out this short clip explaining a few of the items we have available, and how they can be used at home!

If you are local or distant, near or far, we are more than happy to ship a Home Care Kit to your doorstep! If you have a friend or relative you know is interested in purchasing a Home Care Kit, feel free to let us know what their hair care needs are and we will customize a package for them as well!

We hope this blog was helpful in answering and questions or concerns you may have at this time.

Here at Serenity Hair and Spa, we are committed to ensuring the quality of your hair via these Home Care Kits and simple instruction.

If you have any additional questions or concerns. Feel free to email us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Remember to wash your hands and be safe!


Serenity Management

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