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I Want Color!

Welcome to Serenity Hair and Spa

If you are interested in getting your hair colored, we are here to offer you dazzling results.

The most important note is that we do NOT lift hair (lighten) during your first visit to our salon. If you are interested in receiving black or dark brown (i.e. darkening the hair), we are able to do so on your first visit.

How do I know if I need to be lifted?

Red, copper, gold, blonde, honey browns and exotic colors require lifting of the natural hair color in order to receive the desired look. If you are interested in receiving a color as such, we require that you book a consultation so we can evaluate your hair and come up with a plan of execution. Depending on the state of your hair, we usually recommend a steam treatment in order to hydrate and strengthen your hair. Trimming your ends will help to get rid of split ends and ready for color.

If your hair is extremely dry, brittle or damaged, color would not be a good suggestion because color will only create more damage. We encourage you to begin scheduling regular salon visits to work on hydrating and strengthening your hair.

If you are natural, color rinses do not penetrate natural hair. We always recommend a demi and or permanent color if you would like black/ dark brown. If we are applying color from the root to the ends of your hair, the service is considered as an all over permanent color and the price is as such.


If your hair has previously been colored and you are interested in brightening the color or adding a new color to pop the existing color, we would recommend a semi-permanent color deposit. Please let us know which color(s) you are interested in getting so we can best prepare for your appointment.


These are all considered lift services and require an evaluation prior to your first appointment. We always recommend coming in a few visits before to ensure the strength and readiness of your hair condition for highlights, balayage or ombre techniques.

Removing Black

If you have put black on your hair, over long periods of time receiving different colors are difficult to achieve because black is not easy to remove from the hair shaft. As they say, once you go BLACK, you can’t go back. While there are salons that do black color removal service, this is not something that we recommend.

Semi-Permanent Colors

We apply semi-permanent colors on relaxed hair on the same day as the relaxer service. Unlike Demis or Permanents, Semi-Permanent colors have no ammonia and no peroxide. If your hair is relaxed and you would like to touch up your grays between relaxer services, we can offer a semi-permanent color for coverage as well.

Please note, for all color services, we charge based on the length and thickness of the hair.

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