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Consistency is Key for Healthy Hair

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Welcome to Serenity Hair & Spa

At our salon, we pride ourselves on professional haircare maintenance and are committed to transforming damaged, brittle, dry hair into luscious, hydrated, healthy hair. As a new client, we want you to make sure you set your expectations properly for your new hair journey.

If you have been wearing a protective style that was recently taken out, such as braids, faux locs, sew-ins or a braid down underneath a wig for more than 6 weeks, the hair needs hydration.

When the hair lacks hydration, the results of any style may not be up to your expectations.

If you have not received a trim in over two months, most likely split ends will be present and may have run up the hair shaft. This means the results of your style will not be like the pictures seen on our website and/or social media platforms. Trimming your ends every two to three months is what makes the hair consistent from roots to ends without any split ends. If you have not received a trim in more than six months, that is no longer considered a trim. You will need a haircut, which is more than one inch of hair removal throughout the entire head.

If you have not visited a salon in over a year, and your hair is extremely dry/brittle or damaged, the results will not be as expected. It will take consistent visits to ensure proper hydration and maintenance of your hair.

Here at Serenity Hair and Spa we are committed to transforming hair into 100 percent healthy flourishing hair. We pride ourselves in hair care. With that said, consistency is what will get your hair to your ultimate hair goal. One visit will not solve the issues of dry/ brittle hair. Being a consistent client for a minimum of 3 months will begin your healthy hair care journey.

We offer steam treatments underneath a steamer for 15-30 minutes with a hydration cocktail mask. The benefits of the steam treatment are the stimulation of blood flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth. The steam slightly opens the cuticle which helps to receive the moisture and protein in the hydration cocktail mask.

If the hair is extremely damaged or dry, one visit, or one steam treatment is NOT going to generate the results as seen on our website. Consistency is the only way to attain the ultimate hair care goals. We do not sell the deep treatment, as it is available for professional use only.

If the hair is extremely damaged, we would suggest trimming more frequently (4-6 weeks), until the hair is rid of split ends that have run up the hair shaft over time due to lack of trimming. Split ends cannot be repaired and can only be fixed by being cut. When trimming is not occurring as frequently, split ends run up the hair shaft and the hair becomes difficult to detangle, more shedding is present, more static occurs and the hair becomes dryer. Trimming the ends at a 2–3-month frequency does not cause the hair to become shorter but instead keeps the length of your hair consistent and even. Trimmed ends promote beautiful styling results in your presses, twist outs or wash and go’s.

We are committed to helping you achieve your hair care goals at Serenity Hair and Spa. Consistency is key and commitment will allow you to receive your hair care goals.

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