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Virgin Relaxers/Relaxer Re-Touch's

Virgin Relaxers

If you are receiving a virgin relaxer please come with your hair free of product.

We base the scalp thoroughly prior to applying a relaxer. We check the porosity of your hair to make sure we are using the correct strength for your hair needs. We then apply a mist of liquid protein in the hair to fill any empty pockets in the hair, in order to ensure an even relaxer result.

We use mild, normal, resistant and sensitive scalp relaxers which are all sodium hydroxide based.

Once the relaxer has been applied to the hair, we then rinse the chemical out and neutralize the hair. Finally, we apply a conditioning treatment and style the hair as desired.

Please return in two weeks to receive a steam treatment (moisture and protein cocktail) in order to hydrate and strengthen your hair after a chemical service.

We do not sell the treatment to our clients as it is for professional use only.

Relaxer Re Touch's

Retouches can be done anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks depending on hair texture. If your hair texture is between 2A-3C (wavy- loose curl), stretching the relaxer retouch up to 3 months is recommended. If your hair texture is between 4A-4C we would recommend the relaxer retouch for 6-10 weeks. The time frames can be determined based on our professional recommendations.

If you choose to stretch your relaxers longer than 10 weeks, and additional $30 is added to the base relaxer price.

At Home Maintenance

Your hair is chemically processed which means you cannot use the same products you used on your natural hair for your chemically processed hair. They are not compatible and in most cases, the products contain chemicals that revert your hair. Raw oils are not beneficial to relaxed hair and can convert the hair as well.

Air drying your hair at home is not beneficial to relaxed hair because it does not give a polished, finished look and it causes breakage.

Being consistent with your hair appointments will attain the best results for your overall hair care goals.

We can also recommend quality hair care products for you to use at home between visits to the salon.

Our goal at Serenity Hair and Spa is to make sure your hair is in the best condition possible. Consistency is key and a regimen of love will help your hair to flourish.

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